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January 26 2014

i’m on mobile rn and i am pissed off. why can’t we add pictures when makibg text posts

i’m changing my url tomorrow probably

should it be usuie or rarudo??

i love frozen also kristoff and anna should get married


If u make fun of ppls triggers ur trash yes some people might be triggered by a thing you think is silly u don’t know why you don’t know what happened to them it’s really none of your goddamn business why they’re triggered by it ://

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what makes this funnier is the fact that Reiner already knows this is Annie

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Mitsuki Nase || Episode 7

<!-- more -->my mom is yelling at me and calling me retarded and trying to force me to eat and threatening to send me to a mental hospital because i am “too stressed” but tbh i don’t even care i am dumb and i need to die of starvation

January 25 2014

should i change my url?

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Blue Crowned Motmot

(photos by Priscilla Burcher)

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Today’s random doodle

If someone recognize what flower this is, I would be really glad. Let alone drawing flower, I can’t even tell them apart…

And why is it blue? of course it’s magic! (・∀・)



If you take an abuser’s word over their victims’ words you are 1) a fool 2) unspeakably cold-hearted. Do not come near me and do not come near anyone else either. Exile yourself

please block and report this blog for harrassment



http://fedorafurry.tumblr.com/ they are extremely racist, homophobic, transphobic, binarist and racist  literally just take one look at their blog if you have to but dont say i didnt warn you

Not to mention they’re also posting pictures of #meat and placing them in the “vegan” and “vegetarian” tags lmao

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if you tumblr saviour something that i don’t tag pls let me know and ill always tag it special for you because you are perf so don’t trip i got this shit


people who change the heights in straight ships to make the girl shorter ??????


just a friendly reminder for all u dmmd nerds:

mink - 189 cm / 6’2”
koujaku - 186 cm / 6’1”
trip - 185 cm / 6’1”
virus - 182 cm / 5’11
mizuki - 181 cm / 5’11”

clear - 180 cm / 5’11”
noiz - 179 cm / 5’10
sei - 176 cm / 5’9” 
aoba - 175 cm / 5’9”

edit: speculated that sei!ren is 6’0”

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i dont even know what to caption this as i just want to send people my vibrating Clear gif


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